What will happen when a D400 comes

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Re: What will happen when a D400 comes...this....

rhlpetrus wrote:

The waiting lines will be the longest ever for a Nikon, even worse than that for the D700 or D800. I bet on that. If it comes.

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Renato. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhlpedrosa/ OnExposure member http://www.onexposure.net/ Good shooting and good luck (after Ed Murrow)

- rabid fans will surge to camera shops before they opEn, biting on metal doors casings, pawing the glass, frothing and keening for the new D400

- no more money will be spent on nuclear weapons, all military budgets will be used instead to purchase D400's and 7DII's

- D400's will replace camera phones and ipads as photo favourites at school and college events

- there will be no more posts in the pro-DX forum, everyone will be too busy out shooting with the D400

- 'DX is the future' will be the new battle cry..

- the Sony 20MP AA-filterless sensor will be declared the best sensor yet by all and sundry

- when camera stores open, the frothing fans will surge in buying D400's by the multiples, backorder will be in the years

How is that???

And yes, I am just in 'that' mood....whatever that means...

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.....Just from an amateur......''Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.” I am only a hoobyist, I cannot and do not give expert advice, dont expect it, just take it as a suggestion to think about, but only if you wish to. We should try to not wait for life to happen, while it passes us by.

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