Just picked up the 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 VR today.

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Re: Just picked up the 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 VR today.

Paul Pasco wrote:


The 6.7-13mm lens is equivalent to an 18-35mm full frame lens. Nikon has two fine zoom lenses having similar focal lengths. The 16-35mm is $1,256 and the 17-35mm is $1,769. Serious cameras and serious lenses such as ultra-wides have seriously high prices. The full frame 24-85mm is a very good lens, worth using with the D600 and D800, but it's only $497. It works the same way for the 1 Series lenses. The ultra-wide 6.7-13mm sells for $497, but the normal zooms, comparable to the 24-85mm are the 10-30mm and 11-27.5mm lenses, and they sell for less than $200. So the moral of the story is that if you want an ultra-wide zoom, no matter the format, expect to pay from 2 to 3 times more than you'd pay for a normal zoom lens.

The 6.7-13mm is closer in concept to the Nikon 18-35D or the newer AF-S version, both of which usually sell for more than $500 and neither is VR, I believe.

I had checked B&H's website when I wrote the above and decided to omit the $747 18-35mm AF-S lens because of this notice :

New Item, Available for pre-order
Expected availability: March 07 2013

B&H's used dep't has the 18-35D for $450 but I didn't check for used lenses because I was trying to explain why new high quality ultra-wide lens prices are higher than new 'normal' lenses, and we don't really know that the 6.7-13mm lens will fetch on the used market 5 years from now.

The 16-35 is a constant f4 and the 17-35 is f2.8, so both are a little higher up on the price scale. Regardless, the 6.7-13 seems to be worth the $500 price at introduction and will surely drop over time. A kit of the V2, 6.7-13, 18.5, and 10-110 would be my ideal if I didn't already have a whole V1 kit.

Nikon has no objections to anyone starting a second V1 kit. With the recent price reductions I couldn't resist. But with the current price for refurbished 30-110mm lenses ($120) the new 10-100mm lens will have to perform a lot better for me to even think about shelling out $547 for it. If it performs as good as but no better than the 10-30mm and the 30-110mm lenses at the wide and long ends of its range it may be worth the price. But then it will be doing a lot better than the original big 10-100mm lens that didn't do very well at its longer focal lengths according to photozone's tests.

I really like your kit though, assuming that the 10-100mm pans out. Had those lenses been available when the V1 was introduced, it may have sold a lot more cameras.

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