Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR I used price.

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RBFresno wrote:

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I found a used Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR I for sale and the asking price is $4500.

Looks very well maintained but I have no idea if the price is right for this used lens.

Any advice?

Thank you.


I tend to look on ebay for the price that the lens in question actually sells for and also check KEH and B&H for their prices on used lenses.

Then I'll typically price close to what the eBay items have been selling for, which should, in general, be less than KEH.

I'd think that it would sell quickly at $4500. If it's in good shape, I'd jump on it.

I listed my 200-400VR last year for $5100 and had three offers within a couple of days and sold it.


Thank you so much for your fast reply, on pictures looks great, the seller is a local so I will check the lens before to close the deal.

I have the Nikon 300mm f4, how do you like your lens, any feedback about AF performance of this lens?

Thank you.



The 200-400Vr is a very useful and impressive lens.

For five years it was my most used lens.

I only sold it because after having acquired the 200VR and 500VR, I found that I wasn't using the 200-400VR much.

And while the ability to zoom is critical for some uses, for me it wasn't at the top of my needs.

The strengths of the 200-400VR are of course its "flexibility", i.e. it's a zoom.

Also, it has a higher reproduction ratio than the 200VR, 300VR, 400Vr, 500VR and 600VR, but essentially the same as your 300 f/4. So it's great for close up shots.

Some have commented that the 200-400VR is not as "sharp" for distant objects as it is for those in close to medium ranges. I've never understood why this would be, but it was my impression as well.

Also, some seem happy using a 1.4 TC with the 200-400VR and others don't. I was happy using the 1.4TC with close to medium distant subjects, but not for distant ones.

In summary, if you shoot subjects where the ability to zoom between 200-400mm is important, then the 200-400VR fits the bill.

The 200-400VR will focus as closely as your 300 f/4; closer than the tele prime exotics

If one is looking for maximum image quality and reach, the 200-400VR with a 1.4TC will not outperform the 500VR.

The article by Thom Hogan is useful:

Thom on Nikon Tele exotics

Best Regards,


Thank you so much for all the feedback and info about the lens.

I really appreciate it.


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