D700 to D600, any thoughts?

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Re: I Would NOT Do It!!!

I sold my D700 for D600.  I totally agree with everything Carl says. I was 'saved' as i still have the D3s. However, the higher res of d600 is useful at times. But I hate going over 2500 iso on d600 but not really ever had an issue going 6400 on D700.


Carl Maiorino wrote:

I own both, shoot extensively with both and I would NOT make that trade. I really like the D600 but it is a downgrade from the D700 in too many ways.

1.) Color: I shoot fashion and the colors on the D700 are just better than the D600, richer and more vibrant without being gaudy.

2.) AF: The CAM3500 just blows away the CAM4800 AF module (notice Nikon did not conitinue with the CAM4800 in the new D7100).

3.) High ISO: Many will argue this, but the D600 has yet to demonstrate that it is a high-ISO king. I shoot at ISO 3200 without fear with the D700, so far the D600 has not matched up in that regard.

4.) Build Quality: While you shouldn't drop your camera, the D700 is just built to a higher standard than the D600.

There are probably more reasons then just these, but this is what pops to mind right away.

I never considered trading my fine D700 for the D600 and I am glad I didn't...while the D600 is a nice camera in terms of size and weight, has more pixels plus video, and does produce a darn fine image, for me it would have been a step down to trade a D700 for a D600. Newer is not always better.

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