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Re: Primarily an issue about Mental Health

RBFresno wrote:

mamallama wrote:

America always care for its senior citizens. Guns make it so easy even a grandma can do it.

Cops: Grandma shot self, young grandsons in car.

PRESTON, Conn. — A woman who picked up her two young grandsons from daycare and was supposed to bring them home so the 2-year-old could open his birthday presents instead drove them to a neighboring town and shot and killed the children and herself, state police and family members said.

The bodies of 47-year-old Debra Denison and her grandsons, 2-year-old Alton Perry and 6-month-old Ashton Perry, were found Tuesday night in a car parked near Lake of Isles in Preston, in the southeastern part of the state.


It's clear from reading the article that the primary issue is Mental Health.

Is that the point you were trying to make?

Absolutely. Gun control and background checks to keep guns out of the mentally ill hands.

If so, why the cynical, "Another Typical Day in America", caption?

Do you think mentally ill grandmothers do this every day?

Not necessarily grandmothers, but the mentally ill, yes. Multiple times a day in America.

Think about this: More than 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in the USA. That's over 80 a day. I would say that many of those 80 are by mentally ill people.

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