Which bag for Leica one Leica M and one lens only? Please share experiences

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Re: Which bag for Leica one Leica M and one lens only? Please share experiences

I've been searching for the past couple of months for a replacement to my Billingham Leica M Combination bag, where my Leica M2, M8, and M9 (and soon M240) have all sat over the years. I've used Domke, Artisan & Artist, Fogg, and many other bags in the past, but I've always gone back to my Billingham Leica bag. Why?

1. Fits my M body and 3 lenses comfortable (50Noct, 35CronIV, 90Cron). I keep one lens on the camera and the other two tucked inside its Leica leather pouches, which also fit snugly into the compartments.

2. BLACK. The Billingham Leica bag is completely matte black. Stealth is everything in street photography and especially when you are using a Leica. Not only will it help to deter theft, but it will also deter attention from your subjects.

3. AVEA Leica M side pockets are detachable and are excellent for those extra accessories. I usually keep a couple pens, shutter release cable, and some cleaning cloths. It also has a larger zipped front pocket, where I can keep my battery, memory cards, and a note pad (I've even fit a Kindle Fire in it for long trips). The inner compartment also has a rear pocket, which is where I keep a few filters, cleaning cloths, and business cards for quick access.  I keep a pretty light load, which is the whole point of owning an M system.  So when I want to have just the bare minimum, then I unhook the AVEA pockets and it's just a tiny bag with a body and lenses.

4. The top of the inner compartments are also closed off by a cushion before the external cover is buckled on. I questioned the durability of the brass strap locks, but they have stand through the test of time and have never unlocked or release on their own. It might seem like a very insecure locking mechanism at first, but it is extremely safe and efficient...you have extremely fast access to your camera and lenses, which is critical to get the shot sometimes.  I've done photojournalistic, wedding, modeling, and travel photography completely with Leica cameras and this bag have always survived the abuse.

5. The shoulder strap is wide and comfortable but I also purchased a Billingham pad for it. The Leica camera's original strap is extremely painful to wear over long periods of time and the tiny rubber stubs can really irritate the skin on the back of your neck. I recommend the leather Leica strap, which is a great alternative to the stock strap that comes with your camera. The Billingham shoulder pad also has a rubber lining, so it will not slip when you are wearing it diagonally.

Like I've mentioned before, I've owned and tried many bags in the past, but I've always gone back to my Billingham Leica M Combo bag in the end. I've used it for many years now and it still performs and looks great for its age. Hope this helps.


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