6D owners - What is your opinion on the outer focus points?

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Re: 6D owners - What is your opinion on the outer focus points?
Has anyone compared the non x-type points of the 5D2 vs the non x-type points on the 6D?

I also have a 6D and owned a 5DII since its introduction.

The non X type AF performance of the two cameras is pretty similar, with the 6D being a hair better.  However I usually use it with all AF points enabled, and there the added sensitivity of the center X point in the 6D improves the overall AF performance of the 6D over the 5DII.  In other words the better center point helps in AF speed and accuracy of the entire array.

The 6D center X point low light sensitivity is really noticeable.

the 6D contrast detect AF (in Live View called Flex Zone AF) is much better than that of the 5DII.  It could be that the lower noise sensor of the 6D is the reason?

Mike K

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