Amazon D600 replacement horror story

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How is this a horror story?

bocajrs wrote:

So I received my new (what I thought) replacement D600 today and when I open the box something didnt look right.

1. The kit lens was new in two seperate boxes, ie, lens hood/pouch, lens - serial#'s match.

2. Who the hell packages a D600 with serial 306XX in a used box with serial 304XXX - No battery and no strap. Best of all the camera wasnt even new, it already had 712 actuations.

I was in disbelief that someone could have done this - WOW!!!!

Amazon CS assured me they'd look into how this could have happened and insured me I would be receiveing new D600 tommorrow with a $50 Amazon GC.
First time this has happened to me with Amazon and I was looking forward to my non-dusty D600 (probably not I know)

A store that fills thousands of orders a day accidentally sent you a used camera instead of a new one, and agreed to immediately rectify the situation plus give you $50. How is this in any remote way a "horror story"?

A human made a mistake, are you actually in that much disbelief?

What a ridiculous thread.  B&H has sent me used stuff before too.  You just call them and they immediately fix the problem - no issue whatsoever.

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