First shots with my new X-S1

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Re: First shots with my new X-S1

jm10 wrote:


This may be a little off the subject but 35 years ago the government went to great length to create the "potemkin villages" in the typical locations that a westerner would visit to promote the glory of the superior system. A visitor saw a shell and rarely was getting a glimpse of life of an ordinary citizen. I am talking from experience although my memories getting somewhat dull. I am sure Vlad could explain it better.


Oh yes, I knew very well what was the life of an ordinary citizen in the former Soviet Union. I saw the long queues not only in front of the restaurants (and the Borodino Panorama exhibition :-)), but in front of the shoes stores, grocery stores etc. But, are they better off today? For sure there are no queues on anything, but I am afraid that no money either. Only some lucky ones can afford to buy a digital camera for $600. But at least I hope that they have some kind of freedom, which didn’t exist before. It is a pity that such a great nation had to suffer so much.

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