No major still camera makers make POV cameras. Why?

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Questions thread
Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
Sony makes them, but are POVs either profitable or safe?

Sony came to the POV party, albeit a bit late.

One could argue that the "tough" and "rugged" P&S models are superior versions of the GoPro or Contour devices, except that they are a tad large for helmet mounts.

Honestly, though, there is little for others to gain by entering the tiny POV cam niche at this point.


  1. No way to know whether the cameras are profitable to make.  GoPro is owned by a private equity firm.  Unless and until it makes a public offering, there is no way to know if it makes any money.  Meanwhile, if P&S cameras at large are unprofitable, why assume that $300 POV cameras are?  Odds are against it.  Tomorrow a Chinese firm could offer $20 POV cameras and put GoPro out of business.
  2. Sooner or later, a bunch of boarders, bikers, or BASE jumpers who break their necks using the things will file a class action suit alleging they (or their children) are "victims of an unsafe product," or towns, parks, or resorts will impose rules against their use.
  3. Why pay more for a POV labeled "Canon" or "Nikon" if the video or photos will look just as shakey or fish-eyed?+
  4. Camera "purists," who are mainly sedentary sorts, will complain about the lack of an OVF, manual controls, RAW, or prime lens options.
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