Sony a77 appears to fake video specs!

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Re: Sony a77 appears to fake video specs!

Alphoid wrote:

The Sony a77 is advertised to shoot 1080p video. In fact, it appears the sensor shoots something around 720p, which is further cropped by 20%. Then the whole low-res video is digitally upsampled to 1080p.

Cute, huh? I wish I could at least get out a native resolution video stream. It would save size, and limit degradation from upsampling to non-native resolution.

What do folks think? I'll cross-post to other forums later.

DSLR's only resolve somewhere around 700 lines, so none of them are true 1080p, compared to something like the EX1 which easily resolves more than 1000 lines.  My phone also claims to shoot 1080p HD video, while there may be 1080 vertical pixels, it certainly can't come close to the EX1's resolution, same goes for the Gopro and your A77.  There are plenty of resolution chart tests demonstrating this floating around the web.

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