Why is the d7100 cheaper than the d7000?

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Re: Why is the d7100 cheaper than the d7000?

rcf123 wrote:

I apologize because this may be a silly question and perhaps someone has asked it already, but on the Nikon website, it lists the d7100 for $1,199.95 (body only) and the d7000 for $1,350.00 (body only). Granted, you don't have to purchase through Nikon directly, but I was just wondering why that is on their website. Are there some specs which I am missing? I mean, apart from the buffer talk, it seems like it is only an improvement over the d7000. I am interested in both/either. Anyone else notice this?



DPreview's review listed the original price of the D7000 as $1199. I find this encouraging. Nikon didn't raise the initial price of the D7100 at all. I'm sure it's a combination of factors from exchange rates to market pressures but the end result is we get to buy a next generation camera with no price increases. It bodes well for the D400 as well. That $800 gap between the D7100 and the D600 leaves a lot of room for another model. Additionally, the lack of price increase between the D7000 and the D7100 suggests there is a possibility that the D400 could come in at exactly the same price as the D300s ($1699) rather than the higher prices you are seeing some here predict.

As for the $1350....I have no clue.

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