Need a DX wide angle

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Re: Need a DX wide angle

Yes, the extra width is both useful and noticeable.   There is a lot of difference between a 10-24 and a 12-24 for instance.

All the wide zooms are pretty good, but they have different tradeoffs.  ('defects', if you like)

The Nikon wides (12-24, 10-24) tend to have moustache distortion.  Harder to correct in post than simple distortion.  (Tokina seems best there).   This tends to matter more if you are shooting a lot of architecture, where straight lines really need to be straight.

The Nikons tend to be better than all the rest at controlling both flare and CA.   Flare can really be an issue with wide lenses because you're so likely to have the sun near the edge of a shot. (Otherwise you end up with your shadow in shots...)

Tokina seems to have CA and flare issues, but does well in distortion.

Sigma seems perhaps between the two.

The older 10-20 Sigma is pretty widely thought to be a better lens optically than the version currently on sale, which is a bit faster.

Wide zooms can be pretty specialized to start with, so having one with a better range can be very useful.  (10-24).

The Nikon 10-24 and 12-24 both are very sharp lenses overall, except wide open 10mm or 12mm in the corners.   The 12-24 seems to be best at 24mm, where it's always seemed to me to be really good.

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