glossy monitor screen versus matte?

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Re: decided on Dell u2412 with matte screen...

Nikon007 wrote:

All you have to do is look at a screen when it is off, that is as black as it will get. My glossy screen is way blacker than the matte screen I have during the day. In fact the glossy black trim around the screen is the same level of blackness as the screen itself, A matte screen can't come close to that. At night it does not matter. I can understand some not liking the reflections.

Yep, it's a trade off and a personal preference.

I work with both types -- my desktop has a matte screen but my laptop is glossy.

Overall, I lean slightly toward the matte.

It occurred to me that buying glossy keeps your options open (to some extent). It's possible to convert a glossy screen to matte with abrasives or, less destructively, with some kind of screen protector. Going the other way would be more difficult.

I have considered buying a screen protector for my laptop and wondered if anyone else had been down that road.

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