glossy monitor screen versus matte?

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Re: decided on Dell u2412 with matte screen...

All you have to do is look at a screen when it is off, that is as black as it will get. My glossy screen is way blacker than the matte screen I have during the day. In fact the glossy black trim around the screen is the same level of blackness as the screen itself, A matte screen can't come close to that. At night it does not matter. I can understand some not liking the reflections.

With TVs it's the same, I don't buy matte screens there either because the blacks are so weak during the day. The blacks may look black to our eyes on a matte screen because of the contrast but the blacks are never darker than when the screen is turned off in any given lighting condition. Only glossy screens can give a nearly black level with any ambient light IMO and once you get used to that it's very hard to go back to matte unless the reflections are too much.

All Apple products and smart phones/tablets have Glossy screens now (there might be a few exceptions), I can just imaging how flat my iPad would look with a matte screen. It appears that almost all displays except for some computer monitors are now glossy. Most folks are used to that and would have very little trouble with a glossy computer monitor unless the environment caused a whole lot of reflections.

Just my view on the subject.

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