Any tips for an overcast sky?

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The intimite portrait

robjons wrote:

Normally I don’t bother shooting when its overcast; its uninteresting light. But when traveling there is sometimes no choice since you are unlikely to return to a given place.

So I would appreciate any ideas that would mitigate the flat, dull effect of an overcast sky.

(Maybe not the right forum for this question, but you guys are always so helpful!)

When overcast you have a horrible sky buy there are benefits to the light (vs harsh sun) down on the ground. Try to not include the sky in your shots, it'll be a blown out mess. Rather than grand vistas shoot more of the intimate details of the city or the intimate landscape. You might find that the light can be worked with on ground level. I'm not much of a macro guy but the macro guys love the overcast conditions and if they are not there they might even make them via a scrim.

I'd even go so far as to say that the intimate details are really where you can get artistic....think about it, how much are you going to change that oft repeated shot of the front facade of Notre Dame Cathedral? Not much, it's been done to death. But you might be able to find something more creative (and fun) if you explore and observe the intimate details of the cathedral and even the people there.

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