Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re: Samsung doing quite nicely!

Cy Cheze wrote:

Since when are winners losers and losers winners?

Over the past four years, Samsung shareholders have done much better than those of Sony, Olympus, Ricoh-Pentax, Nikon, Canon, or Panasonic. It earns enough from Galaxy phones and tablets to subsidize cameras that sell well in Korea or China, and break-even elsewhere.

One thing that's hard to answer is whether mirrorless cameras are profitable to any manufacturer. It's hard to assign a profit to a particular product line if it shares overhead and capital costs with other operations. A rise in sales means nothing if it requires substantial price-cutting. Firm prices are no good either, if inventory simply builds up.

Mirrorless cameras have appealed to a certain market niche, but that niche may have relatively limited dimensions and not be inclined to upgrade very often, if ever. There are fewer and fewer improvements (other than immitations of phone funtions) to add to cameras of any product line that add sufficiently to appeal to convince people to pay extra. People might crave a longer, faster, quieter lens, but not want to pay the >$2k the manufacturer would have to charge to make a profit.

Well said Oly have cooled on the Pro m4/3 body. When the EM-5 came out they were saying it's not the pro body, that will come later. Now they are saying it (pro body) will come if there's demand.

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