Just checking - DR and film simulation modes are for jpg only?

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Re: RAW recovers over-exposed highlights cleanly - JPEG cannot do the same.

Trevor G wrote:

Randy Benter wrote:

I think the 3 of you are saying generally the same thing, but in different ways.

Perhaps because you didn't read what was said.

nixda and I said exactly the opposite.

Nixda said "the sensor doesn't have 'headroom"

and you replied "the sensor does have headroom"

In this example you are saying the same thing in different ways.

Nixda did not say that highlight headroom does not exist. He said that headroom is the difference between the data available in a raw file and a specific iteration of a jpeg file. He also said that "headroom is not an intrinsic, positive aspect of the sensor" and I agree.

You (Trevor) then gave examples of how highlights can be recovered from raw files and jpeg files, which is what Nixda said. You have posted this same example many, many times, but your explanation is always centric to both the X10 and SilkyPix. While most of your points are correct, a couple of your conclusions are not.

The language used in DPR reviews adds to the confusion; they commonly refer to jpeg tone curves as "dynamic range".

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