Where is Panasonic GX2?

Started Feb 1, 2013 | Questions thread
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@ohmydentist - wrong, high end model don't get replaced as often

ohmydentist wrote:

Panasonic was updating GF and G lines pretty quickly, but not GX. Maybe GX wasn't much of a money maker for them.

Wrong, sales has nothing to do with it.  High End model of any camera don't get replacement as often as their low end counter part.  For example:

- Canon 7D is 3 years old, while Canon Rebel has gone from T2i, to T3i, to T4i.  T5i is coming soon and still no sight of Canon 7Dmk2.  Yet Canon 7D continuous to be the top seller for canon

- Nikon D300s (forget how old it is now) hasn't been updated in a very long time.  But Low end Nikon get regular updates from D3000 > D3100 > D3200; D5000 > D5100 > D5200

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