Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: The statement, above, by Spj is confirmed true

illy wrote:

pris wrote:

illy wrote:

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Kudos to Spj for substantiating his source!

Of course absence of words "in a form of DSLR" in the sentence ""The new body associated with "E-5 successor" for all Four-Thirds lenses will be introduced by the end of this year 2013" will present all the doubters and naysayers with yet another chance to point out how gullible we all are, but then again, even if those words were there, they'd indicate that promises can be broken... and up to the announcement day they'll point out and point out and point out every instance of promise broken over last 50 years, be it particular lens or body or whole format. It's a groundhog day, only characters are way less charming.

something is coming but it's still debatable what kind of body it will be, that part is really obscure

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Right, but main point is - as long as it makes 4/3 lenses fully functional AF and ergonomics wise, who cares. Then again, this exchange took place about what, 8,973 times already?

but that is the fun part, arguing what it will be whilst getting some underhand remarks in

Meh... fun dissipates after first 5-7 times. Then it's like over-rehearsed show, same thing every time, action is predictable, spectators' reaction is predetermined, actors are bored, often drunk...

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