Hard drives?

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Re: Hard drives?

Are you talking about external drives or internal drives? For a desktop or laptop? 7200 drives spinner faster than 5400 and allow quicker access to your data. The 7200 drives are generally more expensive and use more power. If you are looking for a drive to put in your laptop, a 7200 rpm drive can substantially reduce your battery life and may generate more internal heat. If you are looking for an internal drive for a desktop, a 7200 rpm drive may be a good choice, though you should also be looking at hybrid drives (which combines a hard drive and SSD) to improve speed further. A full SSD will be the fastest drive and use the least power. If you are just looking for an external drive to store media on (photos, movies, music, etc.) go with a 5400 to save yourself some money unless you plan to be transferring large amounts of data to and from the drive on a frequent basis.

Hope that helps.

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