No Adobe Support for Sigma Merril

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Re: So you've written Adobe, right?

Richard Franiec wrote:

mordicai wrote:

Funny Richard, I have two of your products but can't remember ever writing to ask to you to procduce them. Are you really suggesting that Adobe is so out of touch with the photographic community on the web that they don't know that Merril owners are hoping for support from Lightroom. Jeff Schewe and Mr Chan are two LR engineers who are prolific contributers on Luminous Lightroom, and we all know Michaels feelings about Sigma software. Come on Richard, hyou can't be serious.

You'll be surprised how market feedback could influence development of new things and update of existing ones.

Every time new cameras are announced I receive numerous Emails regarding possibility for respective accessories. More than once such feedback resulted in development. More than once - not, depending on magnitude of interest (and my own "gut feeling", among other factors).

Maybe micro-scale in my case is not representative for global business but I believe that the customer (even potential one) is the marketplace's most important stimulant of progress and innovation.



I agree with what you say Richard. Feedback from consumers is important in motivating a company to produce a product. All I was saying is that it's my belief, that Abobe is getting this feedback in spades from photographers using Merril cameras. They are getting it on the net everyday. Primary Lightroom software engineers are members of photo chat rooms and they are constantly reading this feedback. However, as others have stated, it can't hurt to try harder. How about a picket of Adobes offices demanding LR4 SUPPORT NOW!!!

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