SX50...not "the" camera?

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ralph m Contributing Member • Posts: 898
Re: SX50...not "the" camera?

The SX50,40,30 are great for those sitting bird shots.  When you get to the running dogs, kids, birds that are flying, etc..  they simply don't focus fast enough for you (or anyone else IMO) to get consistent shots.  So, for these kinds of situations you may get lucky once in awhile but for more consistent results most folks would recommend a DSLR.  They will even track the running dogs re-focusing as they go.  So, I would recommend that you keep the SX50 for those bird shots and get a DSLR.. even a low end one and a kit lens will do the job for the dogs.  (Cute dogs by the way).  And, consider that the new mirrorless cameras have the same slow focus problems  (for some of the reviews of the new EOS-M)   So, a traditional DSLR is probably the best now.

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