SX50...not "the" camera?

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Re: SX50...not "the" camera?

Jay7h wrote:

The Cardinal picture is nice considering you took it through a window. The dog pictures may be just a matter of increasing the shutter speed. Try a higher speed and a raise the ISO if that is necessary to maintain a proper exposure.

Even if the dogs are standing still they don't seem to be sharp though and it has been picking higher shutter speeds when out in sunlight. I haven't tried uping the ISO though but in bright sunlight I shouldn't have to, should I? I am thinking the IS of this camera is not like the S3IS, I know the zoom is greater on the 50 but I haven't been fully zoomed when out with the dogs. I did read dpreviews review of the SX50 and they pretty much said a tripod is a must. I am just worried that I am going to be missing shots when I am out and about this summer because maybe I am not steady enough. I do like it for the bird shots though and like the zoom but I guess it won't be worth it if I can't get any good shots with it.

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