Fuji x100s - aperture dance and focus-priority mode

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Re: The aperture dance is different...

X10 does the same, but its aperture is a lot quieter. It also causes lag, but since the X10 does a full hunt for focus every time you half-press the shutter button, it's part of a longer journey anyway. It's getting worse with certain settings (AUTO ISO if I remember right) where the shutter goes open and close twice. "Normal behavior" if you ask Fujifilm support.

The E-M5 can do both. Normally it does wide open non aperture dance/rattlesnaking focusing with the aperture staying wide open, but quickly changing light conditions and "flickering" light that conflicts with the sensor rate will permanently switch it to Rattlesnaking until the camera is turned off and on again. Curiously our 50 Hz incandescent bulbs are one possible source, albeit the filaments should be inert enough to not be flickering at all. When its in Rattlesnaking mode the same kind of lag can happen

Actually there is a third mode on the E-M5. When A and M are used in Video mode for stills shooting the aperture always fixed to exactly the setting you choose. Very nice for constant live DOF and generally better exposure preview. When S and P are used in Video mode for stills shooting the aperture will chance according to what shutter time was chosen and what the scene lighting is like.

And then there is a fourth mode even: During video recording (not stills) the aperture handles like I described in the last paragraph about stills in Video mode, but it moves extra slowly and smooth in order to make no noise that might get recorded. Very clever programming and looks gorgeous when you look right into a 45/1.8 or 75/1.8 while it's doing that!

Just to mention it: Aperture dance does have its advantages, too! The more the camera bases its preview on "analog" dimming of the screen the more gradations likely are preserved for preview. Software based exposure preview based on the JPG engine likely only uses 8 bit RGB calculations for that. Another positive effect is that when the camera's DOF increases due to the aperture closing down the better its Face Detection algorithm will work.

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