Awkward jog wheel on G3 - or is it just me?

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Re: Awkward jog wheel on G3 - or is it just me?

I have a G5, never had the G3, but have been a G/GH/GF user since the GH1. I primarily shoot in aperture priority, so the wheel sees a lot of use in changing light. I use the toggle lever on the G5 for exp. comp., so I only need the wheel to change aperture.

I do often find the wheel too easy to click, especially when I'm trying to work fast, and it takes too many revolutions to change apertures. When I'm shooting in low light, mostly leaving the lens wide-open or one stop down, no problems. When I'm needing to change from 1.8 to 8.0 in a hurry, I do often inadvertently toggle between aperture and +/-, so I'll have to both change aperture and readjust mistakenly adjusted +/- settings. Pretty frustrating, but I live with it.

Would be great to be able to turn off the wheel's multi-functionality and have it set only aperture (or shutter speed in S mode) whether clicked or not. Also would be great to somehow change the wheel gain so that it wouldn't take so many turns to change aperture. Aperture changes in 1/3 stops, using auto ISO I could easily get away with 1/2 stops which would lessen wheel turns, but I'm not seeing anywhere to change this on the G5.

I'm using some Fuji X-series cams now, and both the analog interface and better high-ISO IQ has me using them i/o m4/3 when the situation allows.

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