Samsung NX1000 or Samsung EX2F ??

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Re: Samsung NX1000 or Samsung EX2F ??

SunnyFlorida wrote:

I don't men to shoot down your saples, but , I've done loads of tests comparing small sensor cameras with fast lenses vs DX sensor cameras, and at low ISOs and micro to medium distances the IQ will be relatively the same, such as the case with your samples; But at higher ISO's (800 and up) and long distances to infinity, the larger sensors are significantly superior.

The point is that an old large sensor is not outgunning a new small sensor in the environment in which I wish to use it. Also the small sensor camera has a faster lens which obviates the need for higher ISO's. To get a f2.8 fast zoom for my E-PM1 would cost £849 and the E-PM1 is not giving me many stops of ISO advantage if any, hardly significantly superior. Par for par with contemporary sensors the larger the better but that is not always practical or affordable. The fact is you can read the door number with the EX2f and not with the E-PM1 one ISO stop higher and I did not set it up to prove any point. I would have rather had that the m43 stuff was the best. I will definitely get an E-PM2/E-PL5 when they start to dump them for the new model.

An E-PM2 would surely better the EX2 but the point is that a modern sensor design is giving a 1/1.7" sensor that is a good match for a 2 year old sensor that is 5x larger in area. The more expensive XZ-2 would probably be even better if you can manage to get it to focus in poor light. There seems to be a consensus that the XZ-2 matches the previous generation of Pens.

The fact is that if I want to take low light pictures the one with the tiny sensor is the one I will use of those that I have available. The EX2f cost me £259 from Amazon and the price has now bounced back up to normal rip off British rates so it was a far more economical solution to indoor photography than any large sensor option using my existing kit. The larger sensor is definitely not significantly superior to the smaller sensor with what I have and it shows that you cannot always assume that it will be. To be frank I think the DX sensor is just over sized now that sensor quality is so good and few people really need a sensor that large apart from a core of die hard extreme bokeh enthusiasts who probably should be using full frame. I am sure if Samsung could go back and change the past there would not be a sensor as large as aps-c in NX kit.

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