New Monochrome mode in SPP 5.5

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Johan Borg wrote:

Ringwraith69 wrote:

By the way, I really had missed the bit that explains the Monochrome mode only works with the Merrill sensors. Real shame, I have no Merrill-based camera and probably won't be getting one, either. I would have loved to use the Monochrome-option with my good old SD10 and DP1.

Consider yourself lucky: Those cameras are supported by older versions of SPP (3.x) that have very similar grain and rendering to the B&W mode of SPP 5.5

This is something I didn't know.

I have an original DP1, which I still use, processing in LR, which accepts these files. But because I've got a DP2M on order I downloaded and installed SPP 5.5, which insisted that any other version be deleted first. So, not having a use (I thought) for SPP 3.1, I did just that. Now I discover that 3.1 would be ideal for BW conversions from my DP1 files.

Does anyone know, if I re-install 3.1, if there will be problems with running two versions?


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