Why is a 50mm FF lens 'normal'?

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Re: Perspective effects.

Barrie Davis wrote:                                                                                                         Print viewing wasn't part of my posting.  I was referring to SUBJECT viewing, only, where moving close to a scene, for the purposes of frame-filling with a wide-angle lens, produces exactly the same distortion to the eye when the camera is taken away from that eye, as is apparent when it's actually looking at the scene through the viewfinder.

True.  You had also said, "Perspective effects are entirely dependant on viewing position, that is, the distance from subjects with depth. Wide angle or telephoto lenses do not produce different perspective effects, they just tend to encourage different viewing/shooting distances.... which do."

I thought the article referenced was relevant in that when one uses cameras and lenses, the end result is often a picture, and that it substantiated what you have long said about the importance of viewing distance (from the picture) on the effect perceived by the viewer.  Just wanted your take on their on their procedures and conclusions.

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