Flash Triggers for OM-D E-M5 - Phottix Strato II

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Re: Flash Triggers for OM-D E-M5 - Phottix Strato II

ClarkC wrote:

This is really excellent information, thank you! I have been struggling recently to get my Olympus-only system (OM-D, 2 x FL-600R, FL-300R) to work reliably. The issue is the line of sight limitation: I frequently would like to place flash units around corners, etc, and they often won't fire. Very frustrating!

Am I right in saying that the Phottix Strato II (Canon version for both transmitter and receiver) is the way to go with the OM-D? Presumably I could then start adding other makes of flash to my set up, e.g. potentially cheaper units than the FL-600R?

Yes, the Canon version is the one you want for Olympus cameras and flashes.  Works very well...

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