Tele travel options//Nikon 70-210mm f4-5.6 AF-D Needs to Go..

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Re: Tele travel options//Nikon 70-210mm f4-5.6 AF-D Needs to Go..

I'd lay odds that you've already talked yourself into the 70-200mm f/4 VR and are trying to find outside justification.

You kind of got this right. However, I was also torn between an 85mm and use the limitation for inspiration kind of thing, or just go the easy route of a 70-200mm f/4. I even considered getting both for the above two reasons.. the 85mm is very light and small; also selling for $400 nowadays with the rebates..

Grab a 70-200mm f/4 and a TC14 to use with both zooms and don't look back. Of course, if you'd prefer me to pitch a different option, I'll do so just as positively. Practice, don't you know.

I wouldn't want to add a TC14 to my light kit to be honest; I'd rather keep the kit as simple as possible.. and never needed one with my D300 and the 70-200mm f2.8.. I've never really planned for wild life shots more than just shooting what i come across and try to make do with what i have..

Thanks all for your feedback..

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