Dreading the answer to my 100-400L IS issues.... Any other places for repairs...

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Re: Thanks Loren.

When they receive it they will let you know the price before they do anything, so you won't be surprised after the fact, so there's no downside (other than shipping & insurance) to sending it in.

Good luck.


Port Royal Dad wrote:

Loren Charif wrote:

I've had the IS module replaced on 2 different 100-400's over the years. One was gratis, even though it was out of warranty. The second one was around $180, which included cleaning & checking other functions.

Good luck; let us know how it works out.


PS I'd never let anyone but Canon repair an L lens, regardless of cost.

I know....letting common sense prevail...after I've spent such a large amount on the lens, the better repair would probably be best done by Canon. Wow, a "gratis" repair; Karma was your friend then!! Also, a repair under $200 is something I could live with. I'm just worried about the $400-$600 possibility??? That's why I was scratching my head whether there were other repair service options available.

I'll probably go ahead and submit the online repair order and see what happens. Perhaps in the menu choices I'll find a Karma drop-down that I can click on...for a little "gratis".

Thanks for the suggestion!

Regards, Mike

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