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Re: What do you think

Joel Stern wrote:

Salvatore Castrovinci wrote:


When this camera was s born, one year ago,I was very disappointed !

the camera was not and still good ..... its dimensions were very ambiguous and lacked a viewfinder (both electronic and optical) I did not see a valid reason to produce it ......
Was already begun dying if not dead.
Today the facts I was right .... I just hope one thing: that its sensor, can revive the GXR as a transplants of organs in humans .... I hope always in a FOVEON sensor on a GXR module ...... where to mount the optics Voigtlaender, Zeiss, Leica, Russian, DDR etc ... etc ....
It will be a Chimera?

Too bad for those that invested in it, they cannot be happy

If you recall our obervations of owning the RX100 and not being able to bond with it - the K-01 is the exact opposite and I'm never going to sell it.

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