No Adobe Support for Sigma Merril

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Re: They had X3F support before

SandyF wrote:

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Adobe has released their new Lightroom 4.4 with out any support for Sigma Merril's. If there is no support by now my feeling is that it aint coming. Very depressing!

As Adobe cannot even manage to demosaic the Fuji X-trans sensor files, I'm not surprised they don't add Merrill support. It is completely different to work with 3 layers of data than 1 layer.

Of note is that ACR does support X3F files - just from the SD-14 and earlier. So it's not unthinkable they would add an update to support the Merrill sensor, as the cameras grow in popularity.

Right, Adobe's ACR seems to support the SD15 RAW too, at least it's reading something in the files and showing file names/photos SDIM0044.X3F for example... The SD15 RAW should be essentially like the SD14 RAW and DP1 and DP2 RAW, same sensor.

For readers not familiar with Sigma/Foveon, the Merrill cameras have a new, different sensor.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

The Merril cameras AND SD1(same as SD1M=SD1 with new name) have newest sensor.

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