Anyone have the Zeiss 2/135 APO Sonnar yet?

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
fpessolano Senior Member • Posts: 1,135

Yes I tried the 100 (borrowed) and it is a great lens, but at the time I went fr the much inferior 105vr as it is 1:1

i asked for the loca as I dream of a lens where I could crop on the d800 without much ca/loca wide open as loca/ca is the thing I always forget to fix in photoshop. And big cropping on d800 is more frequent than before for me.

i have also in the past subscribed to diglloyd, but n stopped after I knew all I needed for all (but the new 135) lenses. I might redo it now that my moving to the d800 has showed shortcoming of lenses I chose for the d700 I stead of the zeiss.

anyhow, based on his "wow" alone I decided to order the 135 as it fits perfectly in my prime kit (24/50/85/135).

now it is waiting for weeks

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