D70s photos and upgrade question 12 v 16 mp, weather sealing?

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shocked and stunned

Give my regards to your trusty 70 when you finally give it the boot. I thought the only thing in photography that I could count on is that it would last you forever. Maybe the Science Museum would be interested in it, or would you keep it on as a paperweight?

As usual, I don't know the ultimate answer to your question, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. Any current camera will blow your 70 away. The 300 has been an excellent upgrade for me, and of the cameras on the shelf right now, its the only one I'd reach for with confidence, though for ultimate quality the 'lesser' models all have their plus points. The 7000 never really did it for me. I was tempted for a while, but the low light focus had enough bad words to put me off. That was a deal breaker for me being used to the 300's leading DX focusing. But I'm sure it will make the 70 look pretty silly in the same light.

Waterproofnessosity. My 300 once failed whilst Ian continued on with his 40 in identical weather. The difference was that he knew his sealing was less, so took more care, while I glibly snorkelled through the northwest rain. Water managed to get into the battery compartment. Nothing terminal (poor pun) but enough to shorten the batter life. I don't think there's a better sealed DX nikon, so be warned that its not infallible. The worst weather it survived was possibly the Renato meet, but I took more care over it and quite possibly spent a greater proportion of time in the car.

I await with interest to see what you get. I'm pretty sure you'll shortlist the ones that will do the job having all the features you use, then go for the best deal - that was a great price you paid for the 70.

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