D800 and 85 1.8g is a match made in heaven!

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Re: D800 and 85 1.8g is a match made in heaven!

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

One day I'm going to get an 85mm again, currently making do with my 70-200 VRII. BUT, based on what I've been studying/reading of late, my long-term plan is to get the f/1.4G for better bokeh than f/1.8G and better border/corner sharpness than the Sigma. Does that make sense to folks with f/1.4G experience? I'm not in a rush for the purchase, so I think I'll just save up and get the Nikon 1.4 someday. I'd be using it for: headshots and family at a variety of apertures, and theatre (in this use case f/1.4 to f/2).

OP, I really liked the series, very nice work!! I've considered getting the f/1.8G as an interim, but depending on my savings level, I might just continue using the 70-200 for now and go straight to the end point.

Unlike the OP, I am not a pro, pros have different considerations and probably can't afford to wait like I can. I do earn some periodic income from theatre through. Be curious to hear what others think of the 1.4G vs. 1.8G trade-off. In my case, I sometimes do the trade-up approach, buying and selling until I get to the gear level I want, especially if I need something in the interim. In other cases, I just buy what I know I will end up with in the first place

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I was also looking at the 1.4g for my dedicated portrait lens.  I tried it out in the shop and it was awesome.  I just came to the realization that I probably wouldn't use 1.4 very often because the DOF is so small.  I'm usually shooting couples which is nearly impossible to do at 1.4.  As you noticed I had to stop down to 2.8 and the DOF is still a little to shallow.  Here's the question that I think is important to ask yourself... Is your client that is paying for the pictures ever going to notice the slightly improved bokeh with the 1.4g?  The 1.8g is just as sharp and and colorful so it really comes down to the extra 2/3 stop of light and creamier bokeh.  Personally I think that the difference is to small to justify the extra $1200 in cost. For the cost difference you could also buy the 60 2.8g macro, 28 1.8g and almost the 50 1.8g. If the couple of 1.4g benefits are required for your work then it is a no brainer but if not I would recommend saving the money and investing in more glass or a back up body.  I read lots of reviews about this lens before purchasing and came to the conclusion that the 1.8g is 95% of the 1.4g for 1/3 the cost.  Its a steal really.  Check out this blog post http://blog.mingthein.com/?s=85+1.8g

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