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Re: Host???

Zindanfel wrote:

19andrew47 wrote:

For the foreseeable future if this thread is to continue it will need a new host. I do not believe Lou will be returning to host this thread. While starting the thread is easy enough for me to do, I have difficulty with the replies and coming up with images of my own to post. So, there are a number of possibilities here.

  1. Another person can volunteer to host the thread. I will take no offense and welcome such a move.
  2. I can continue to open the thread on a weekly basis, an easy enough task, but not post images unless I feel I have something worthwhile.
  3. ??? Open to other suggestions

Please give this some thought and let me know what you think. Really, I have no objections to openning the thread weekly. It takes a few minutes and I am usually available to do this. I will have a problem the first week in April as I expect to be laid up for a few days for a knee replacement but no biggy.

On another issue, I am having a hard time cutting and pasting into these dpr forums. The formatting is lost, including some of the spacing, as well as bold and italic type faces. I am pasting into Word or Notepad with the same bad results. Anybody gotten this to work while retaining formatting, and if so can you please let me know how?? This is in Windows and IE. Maybe a different browser would work better??



Andrew, I think you do the forum great service as host whether or not you happen to have a photo to share, or critiques, in any given week. Thank you.


In my observation this is a pretty relaxed venue; there don't seem to be any formal (or informal!) expectations for posting and/or commenting according to a rigid formula or schedule.

Well, originally the idea was that "image feedback was guaranteed" in the sense that if nobody else posted any comments, the thread starter would do so at least.  Over time, this has become less and less necessary.

But I am more than willing to put my coin in the purse by taking on that engagement : whenever this thread is started by Andrew and whenever I am available to participate, I pledge to post at least my personal comment on any image that does not get any other comments.

I'm sorry I don't have any insights on manipulating the text here; I've experienced similar mystifying lapses in trying to transplant text from outside dpr.


Best wishes for a smooth and successful outcome of your surgery next week. It's a blessing to live in a time when such treatments are available. You'll keep us posted, of course.

Ditto from me.  All the best, get well and keep us posted (knee photography not mandatory).

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