A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: 45-150 or 45-200

Al Bond wrote:

shihhan wrote:

Plan B. Sell both for the 45-175 X. Assuming you can put up with being 25mm short in the tele end, and don't object the lens (go try it out somewhere that's not Jessops!).

Objectively its the best lens out of the lot, and price wise, is only £20 more than a 45-150. (but see warning above on the bad press it's been getting...) Though new 46mm filters will be another hidden cost...

Optically the 45-175 X does look tempting but the reported problems with shutter shock at certain shutter speeds would put me off. I've not played with the electronic shutter on my G5 enough yet to know if the potential rolling shutter distortion would cause me any real problems. So at present, that removes the 45-175 X from the equation for me.

I know that the 45-200 isn't stellar at the 200mm end but, if it is sharper at 150mm than the 45-150, that would probably push me towards keeping it, despite its bulk.

If you're worried about the shutter shock issue then avoid the lens.
The 45-150 resolution at 150mm is good at both centre and edges up to f11.
I'm not sure about the 45-200 mostly only get MTF info for the 200mm (which shows its good in the centre, but only fair in the edges).
I think the best bet is to take some test shots of both at 150mm and see for yourself what do you think of the image quality? (or splash out on the 100-300 lol!)
Unfortunately I have never owned the 45-200, so I cannot really help you here!

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