Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Excellent points!

sderdiarian wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

I take the term "more competitive" to mean both companies have agreed to stop losing money selling cameras.

I have to wonder, does tying two sinking boats together stop them from going down? Cameras are a rapidly shrinking market thanks to smart phones and maturing products.

Compacts have now gone the way of the buggy whip. While there's still a niche for superzooms, tough cameras and larger sensored fixed lens cameras, the day of a compact for every pocket is over.

With IL cameras, increasingly minor improvements in features and IQ improvements seen only at 100% are relegating them to a shrinking group of devoted enthusiast and pro users. DPR has already hedged their bets by expanding coverage to smartphones and tablets.

The picture taking public is already there, viewing photos exclusively on laptops, tablets and smartphone screens. Even for devotees of the art, when's the last time you made a print large enough to see the difference between 12 MP and 24 MP? And, other than for cropping, where's the advantage compared to the downside of rapidly filling up your hard drive?

I have a hard time now viewing cameras as a growth business, at least in their present incarnations. They've had their faddish boom, but those who wanted a DSLR now have it, and those who've tired of their heft and size have largely migrated to mirrorless. Where's the market once this group has also been sated?

I also have to wonder about the demographics of DSLR/mFT buyers. Most of the faces I see attached to posts are 40+'rs who grew up using SLR's and film. I don't see excitement from younger buyers, whose focus seems riveted on smartphones and tablets.

Hopefully Sony and Olympus (Solympus? Olyony?) will come out with some exciting new products to recapture interest and help turn this around. Their product development and R&D groups certainly appear to have complimentary strengths, we'll see where it goes.

For now, I'm good with my two Olympus DSLRs and mFT's, especially the E-M5, and am enjoying focusing on photography rather than gear. Nothing wrong with that!

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Sailin' Steve

I would like to second all the major points made by Steve above and add a couple related ones.

Since the digital camera market is now mature, with shrinking sales and profits all around, we can expect to see comparatively less innovation in the future combined with less selection and higher prices. Higher energy prices and a sluggish world economy point in the same direction.

Canon and Nikon seemed to have survived the onslaught of new players in the DSLR market with their dominance largely intact. This implies smaller players had better find an exploitable niche and cling to it, rather then making all purpose DSLRs and popular focal length zoom lenses for the masses. I still think the niche for 4/3 should be compact weather sealed bodies and lenses aimed at nature photographers that capitalize on the EFL advantage for such uses.

For now, I too am good with my E-5 and 5D MKIII. It would be nice to have a n E-7 somewhere down the road, but I am getting tired of the whole 'arms race' of camera tech. Photography is both an art and a science, but for the last dozen years, or so, 90% of the emphasis for most people has been on the science - to the detriment of the art!




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