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Re: Wrong Comparison. The MX-1 Given Its Size, Weight and Price Should Be Compared To the Canon G 15

jimr wrote:

Nikon P 7700, Panasonic LX .

To put the non pocketable larger sensor Sony RX 100 I against a camera that is not pocketable and has a much smaller sensor is comparing two cameras that do not compete.

Silly comparison. Wrong comparison.

Blunty's MX-1 video review isn't doing a straight one-on-one comparison with the RX100 but since ANY compact review has to answer the question "why should I buy this over an RX100", he attempts to show exactly why there are compelling reasons to prefer an MX-1.

And having owned the RX100, I happen to agree with him 100%.

All of the cameras that do compete have a hot shoe Etc...

I keep reading people talk about hot-shoes on compacts, but I have yet to find a photographer who spends a lot of time mounting a full-sized SB800 or YN-565 on a compact.  That's what we have DSLRs for.  Compacts are usually meant to be, well, compact shooters for photography on the go.

And you keep talking up the G15, and LX7, neither of which have the killer feature that the MX-1 DOES have:  an articulated LCD.  That feature alone, coupled with the MX-1's better detail and sharpness as you increase ISOs vs the G15, is enough to make the MX-1 a much more compelling camera in my view.  The Canon G-series cameras have been much loved over the years in part because they featured an articulated LCD.  So when Canon removed it from the G15, it was a step backwards, IMHO.

The usefulness of an articulated LCD cannot be overstated as it's a terrific tool for getting unusual angles and creative compositions without having to physically get down on the ground.   The hot-shoe may matter for some, but even then, it's not something that you'd use day in and day out like the LCD.

Aside from the RX100, and strictly on IQ, the Nikon P7700 may be the class of the bunch (see DxOMark review and tests) is tough to beat but as and all-around shooter I'd have to give strong advantage to the MX-1 for the LCD, way cool retro design, and fantastic Quick Menu (similar to the K-30, K-5 and Q).

Extremely well done review. Entertaining and informative.

Regards and happy shooting, Markus

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