D800 or D4 : Family Vacation

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Re: D800 or D4 : Family Vacation

Similar questions arise fairly frequently, and they always seem to generate a wide range of opinions. It's my personal opinion that the real reason we get so many opinions is that not everybody uses the same criteria to make the judgement.

Before I was married I went out of the country many times carrying a backpack with nothing in it except photographic equipment. I put all my clothing in checked luggage. As I regarded these trips as primarily photographic expeditions this worked very well. I usually had equipment that didn't get used much, but that was ok because the photographs was the entire reason for being there.  If I wanted to muck about with the equipment instead of just enjoying the trip, well, that was my business.

More recently, when traveling with my wife (who also enjoys photography), I limit myself to one body with one lens and prefer to select an example of both that is not bothersome to carry when doing non-photographic activities. I no longer check luggage but now use my backpack as a carryon with my clothing. My trips have become much more about the trip, my relationship with my wife, and the photographs are sorta becoming a sideshow.

On poster on this forum inquired about how much of his equipment collection he should be taking on his honeymoon.  This struck me as perhaps someone who was unclear on the concept, but then I have no details so it's not for me to say.

Many people will express the opinion that taking less than your best equipment on a once in a lifetime trip is unwise, but it seems to me that nobody can provide valid advice on this question as only you can decide exactly where you want to place the emphasis of the trip.

By the way, have a wonderful trip and post pictures when you get home.

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