MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

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Re: MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

KingDon wrote:
MX-1 has not yet been reviewed by any major review site, but it's in a different (non-pocketable) high-end category. It's competing against cameras like Samsung EX2, Panasonic LX-7, Olympus XZ-2, Fujfilm X20. These are all very good cameras, and without a proper review it's hard to say in what way MX-1 is better than these cameras.

I have an Oly XZ-1 and I believe the MX-1 (and XZ-2) use the same lens. In which case they'll have a good start. The IQ of my XZ-1 is good enough, but the menu system and general handling are total pants. I do wish reviewers would place more emphasis on usability, so kudos to Blunty.

The Pentax UI and better handling of the MX-1 are very appealing - but the slow RAW processing could be a deal breaker.

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