MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

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Re: MX-1 — World's best value compact (video review)

I'm a fan of Blunty's reviews. He doesn't pull any punches and seems pretty honest when talking about what he likes in his cameras. I'm not sure how objective he is; from the reviews I've seen, he seems to have a soft spot for Sony, Nikon, Pentax and maybe even Apple. Pretty much any camera he likes gets his appreciation.

In any case he certainly does like it the MX-1. He gives it his bang-for-the-buck choice over the sony rx100 which he apparently loves "to bits."

The lens seems to be a huge plus for this camera, being fast at the long end as well as the short, and transitioning in and out of macro without any necessary button pushing (even in video).

He also gushes about he build and the tilting LCD, as well as a well laid out menu on said screen.

It looks like a great camera, and maybe I'll pick one up, or its next iteration, when or if my GRDIV ever dies on me. In the meantime, though, I think I'll be satisfied with feeling one up at Yodobashi tomorrow on my way home from work.

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