photographer Ming Thein's simple message to Ricoh and others.... !

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Re: photographer Ming Thein's simple message to Ricoh and others.... !

Reg Ister wrote:

Why is this simple message that was so often repeated in some way by many users never understood by Ricoh ?

"as excellent as the later generation GR-Digital series is, I’ve always felt the one that got away was the GR1v – and in some ways, a solid representation of the ultimate pocket camera: small, fast, light, controllable, packing a useable viewfinder, and excellent controls. Oh, and a large sensor."

That's why i am not buying anymore: Iphone and nex7 with 35 lux pre-asph until the compact with viewfinder and big sensor comes.

Leica didn't want a viewfinder for the x1 x2, sony "forgot" it for the RX1.... weird. simply weird.

I think the same and have always said so. It also makes good copy for Ming's readers. I think the lack of VF has always been about room inside the box. I wouldn't assume that Ricoh don't understand - the GRD was clearly based on the GR1.

The ideal camera would be a GR1 with a sensor instead of film. I've always wondered about a camera with no LCD, if that meant space could be utilised differently to make room for a VF. But it'd never sell.

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