Any luck with QNAP 419P II?

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Re: Any luck with QNAP 419P II?

AFP = Apple File Protocol

SMB = Server Message Block Protocol  (aka CIFS)

The whole idea of a NAS unit is that the NAS essentially 'offers' (exports) disks/information to the computer/client.  In order to access that information, the computer/client has to 'mount' the NAS's disks.  The 2 protocols are the languages the NAS and computer use to make it appear as though the NAS information is 'just another disk attached to the computer'.  AFP is Apple specific whereas SMB/CIFS is used in the PC world.  Honestly, I've had problems w/ AFP on my QNAP and now use SMB (which is fine and less complicated than AFP).  Some QNAPs offer a 3rd language 'NFS' (Netwrok File System) but you usually do not see that too much.

So, in my situation, I have named my NAS 'qnap1' (and my exported folder Qhowardm) and in my Mac Finder 'Go To Server' entry, I have


which should cause a 'Qhowardm' disk icon to appear on the Mac Desktop and voila! all the files on the NAS appear.  Or at least that's how it's supposed to work    Notice it looks suspiciously like a URL (protocol://machine/directory) but it's not really.

If you want, contact me offline/privately and we can chat.

RobBobW wrote:

Exactly. I bought it because of all the neat things it was supposed to do and its purported simplicity.

Now I need to figure out teh differences between the NAS, NAS(AFP) and NAS(SMB) which now show up under "Shared".

After that, the task is to get my iTunes library migrated to the NAS and still have it properly sync and back up m iDevices.

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