Consensus on best thumbs-up for X100(s)?

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Lensmate Thumbrest+...

...that's what it's called. I'm just waiting for them to confirm if it fits X100s, they have the new camera on pre-order and will let me know as soon as they'll be able to verify it. As it seems it will, but it needs a really very, very close fit, therefore I'm waiting for the confirmation.

I had a chance to compare Thumbs Up and Lensmate on my friends cameras and I've decided that the latter suits me better and I very much like the design, with that little notch securing the whole thing over the exposure compensation mark. Perhaps the colour is a little bit off, compared to top plate, but it doesn't matter to me (and you can have it in black, if you prefer).

Match Technical make beautiful soft releases though, I'll be getting one from them for sure, Beep or Bip.

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