cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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I have the printer setup on a hinged shelf. To refill, I just tilt the printer backward.

Very easy to agitate the ink to stop settling by moving front of shelf up & down.

To make things very clear to me too, is this mod only applicable to the carts sold by Jon Cone or is true with the ones by IJF too as the latter ones are so much cheaper, I wonder if they are the same ?

I did the mod to the ones I bought from Jon Cone. I bought the ones from IJF after in order to have spares in case something went wrong. I have never had to use them.

There may be a difference but I cannot see it.

Well I'll make it cheap and in the worst case if any doubt I'll just won't apply the mod.

But one more about your "hinged" way of shaking / filling the carts.

Having read Mikling's warnings about back feeding ink into the pressure system, how is it going with your way of tilting the printer back and all the ink flowing back too ?

Never had a hint of ink going the wrong way ?

The gentlemen who are giving these warnings are probably way more experienced than I am, I can only speak of my results having done this with only one printer, the 3880.

I have not seen "Mikling's warnings", so far I have had no problems of any kind.

When I am shaking the ink, I only lift the front of the printer approx. 3" - up & down 12 times, I than wait 30 min. before printing to get rid of possible air bubbles, I do this every 2 weeks.

When refill, I unplug the printer & raise the front of the printer to an angle of aprox. 40 degrees. The printer is in this position for 5-8 min. at a time.

I only top-up one or 2 cartridges at a time, and do not let them lower than 1/3 full.

In case you're interested in reading it, it starts here ==> Mikling's warning

With a nice diagram here ==> 3880 pressure pump diagram

In the end it's not theory that counts but real life experience, and that's where yours is very valuable, thanks for that.

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