Best camera for snorkelling and scuba

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Re: Best camera for snorkelling and scuba

mschulke wrote:

So, made my first (but certainly not last trip to Hawaii) last month, did a lot of snorkelling with a cheap disposable underwater camera, and now I'm anxious to get back in the water with a good dive camera.

I've bad news; a decent set of kit is horribly expensive. I'd go with one of the waterproof & rugged cameras you mention as an interim option and then look at getting the proper kit later on. I've read, with interest, a few threads like this and consensus was that you can spend a lot of money for something that's still not quite up to it.

I'd recommend a search of the forums; some when into a good bit of detail listing kit and prices.

ps got any photos taken with the disposable you can post? Be good to see what the ultra-cheap kit can do.

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