Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013 - Confirmed

This is my second foray into the forums after a post in 2011.

Paying the rent using my gear has been more more pressing in the interim.

However, as a lifelong Olympus Pro user that has already been bitten once through the change of mount from my prime OM lenses (I had a 350 2.8 and 8 and 16mm lenses mong others) to 4/3,  I needed to make decisions on future equipment. My two E-5s are now both over 120K shutters and I am invested in lots of HG and SHG 4/3 glass.

So I asked Olympus Japan a direct question and got a direct answer from the company via their website. I asked if they were definitely going to release a successor to the E-5. Not a M4/3 hybrid solution but a 4/3 top end pro-level camera.

Part of the answer was more definite than some appear to think Mr terada was being in his statement.

"The new body associated with "E-5 successor" for all Four-Thirds lenses will be introduced by the end of this year 2013. " (My underlining and emphasis)

The mail was signed by T. Katagiri of the Customer Support Center at Olympus HQ.

In closing though, for the folk who seem to seek hiddeen agendas (as happened last time I ventured forth onto this forum), I do not work for Olympus, I have no commercial relationship with them and nor do I obtain any benefits from them or their associates for using their equipment. What I do get though is a lot of odd looks from other pros whenever we are cmaped out at the same news spot or event who wonder about my sanity for choosing and using the cameras I have - I am used to it all by now however.

So, back to work then until later this year.

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